Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Class Designer, Part 1

Well, I have decided to take on Class Designer initially. First, let me point out that I can't upload images to blogger.com, so I don't have screen shots to go along with this. Until I find some other place to blog, you'll just have to make do with my text descriptions. If anyone has any suggestions of other places to blog, let me know

I started up VS2005 and created a C# console app project called ClassDesignerTest. It created the project for me and a C# file called Program.cs. I decided I wanted to build a class called HelloWorld (I know, really original), with two fields, msg1, and msg2, and a function, OutputMessage. (Ok, given the fact that my organization does not have ANY naming standards, and I have not found anything yet that tells me what my naming standards should be with .NET, I'm just kinda making things up as I go along. Feel free to point me to some resources.)

I right-clicked on the project, selected Add, then New Item. From the Visual C# Project Items, I selected Class Diagram. I named it ClassDesignerTest and clicked Add. A file called ClassDesignerTest.cd was added to my project for me.

I double-clicked the file to open it. The Class Designer toolbar lists several different objects that can be used to create Class Diagrams. I dragged a class object from the Toolbar onto the page. This opened a New Class Dialog box, where you enter the following information:

  • Class Name - HelloWorld (Typing here automatically filled in the next line)

  • File Name - HelloWorld.cs

  • Access - Public (This is a Drop Down List Box that you pick from)

I clicked OK and it created a class object on the page named HelloWorld and a file in my project called HelloWorld.cs


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