Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Class Designer, Part 2

So, now I have my Class Designer page with one class on it, the HelloWorld class. I right-clicked (RC) on the object for the context menu, as I find this the quickest way to find out what all you can do with something. There were several different options, which we will investigate later.

I left-clicked (LC) the object to give it focus, and this displays the Class Details window at the bottom of the development environment. This window displays information on the Methods, Properties, Fields, and Events of the class. This information can also be displayed in the Class Designer inside the object on the page. Currently, my class is completely empty, so there is nothing there.

I decided to try and add a property to my class, so I RC on the object, and select Add->Add Property. I recieved the following error message:

"Microsoft Development Environment -> An error was encountered while creating the artifact."

I recieved the same error message when I tried to add any of the following:

  • Add Field

  • Add Method

  • Add Constructor

  • Add Destructor

  • Add Constant

The Add Events option worked though.

I shut everything down, rebooted, and tried again with the same results. So I did some research in the news groups and found this is a bug with the May build that we are currently using. I also found out that the code synch between the designer and code file is acting kinda buggy in this build as well. We'll see about that once we get that far.

I am very happy with the quick responses that the VSTS team is providing in the news groups. They are obviously monitoring everything and are very willing to help with pretty much any problem.


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