Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Class Designer, Part 3

Opened my class diagram, ClassDesignerTest.cd. I right-clicked on it and selected Show Base Class. This added a class to my designer called Object, with an arrow pointing from my class, HelloWorld, to this class, indicating that my class inherited from the Object class. If you move your cursor over the arrow, it displays the following message "ClassDesignerTest.HelloWorld inherits from System.Object". Very cool.

I right-clicked on my HelloWorld class, and selected View Code. This opened the HellowWorld.cs file, and, in what I think is a very cool feature of VS2005, it opened it on the LEFT-HAND SIDE of the screen. Very nice.

If the class you want to see the code for has focus in the designer, you can also press CNTL+ENTER to open the code view.


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