Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My First Post

So here I am, about to try and seriously (I really mean it this time) undertake a blog. I just returned from Microsoft Tech Ed 2004 in San Deigo, and my technical and developmental juices are flowing (get your heads out of the gutter people!). One of the things they introduced at Tech Ed was Microsoft Team System, which is a complete system for development including modeling, project management, and testing. Its kinda like the Office Suite, except for developers.

This blog will be my journey (probably my long, painful journey), to get a better understanding of this system. It is currently in the Alpha stage right now, so this should be interesting, and rather entertaining too, I would suspect.

Right now I am reformatting a spare laptop and installing Windows XP on it. Once I have it patched and running, I will install the Community Technology Preview of VS2005, which is supposed to include Team Studio (I recieved this on a DVD at the conference, but it can also be downloaded from the MSDN website. Links to follow later on.)

Hold on, this is going to be a very bumpy ride, but by the end we should all have learned something!


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