Tuesday, June 29, 2004

VS2005 Beta 1 announced

VS 2005 Beta 1 has been released. It should be available for download for MSDN subscribers within a couple of days.

Only the Team Architect portion of Team System is included with Beta 1. I have emailed a couple of people, asking what we are supposed to do if we want to continue being able to test the other pieces that were included in our May preview. I am afraid the answer is going to be have two different machines, one with the Beta on it, and one with the May bits on it. We'll see.

I was planning on starting to play with the coder coverage and testing areas of the May Preview, as that is what the walkthroughs at GotDotNet cover, but I may have to step back and go with the Architect piece. I'll wait and see.

Microsoft is also releasing what it is calling its Express Products. These are lightweight products for enthusiasts who want to experiment with MS tools and technologies, but don't have the cash to drop on a full-blown version of Visual Studio at this time. I think this is a great idea to suck new developers in, who otherwise would not be interested because they did not have access to the tools. I'll have to put playing with these on my list of things to do at some point.

Also, check out the MSDN Product Feedback Center. This is going to be a great way to help MS find bugs and provide feedback on what you think of VS2005.

Now I have to sit and wait on the Beta to be posted....

(EDIT: Infoworld Article, CNET Article)


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