Monday, September 27, 2004

Dev Days Online...

Michael Swanson put up a quick note about the Microsoft Dev Day seminars being available online now:

For all of you who missed the DevDays 2004 sessions, or if you simply want to “attend” them again, you can now view them on-line.

Sweet! More things to watch!

Visual Studio Team System: Reston, VA, Wednesday, October 20th

Geoff has some information on a partner dinner coming up on October 20th, with a presentation on VSTS:

The public sector developer team is holding another of their legendary partner dinners on October 20th. This will be a presentation on the new Microsoft Team System, Microsoft's new software development lifecycle tools that will ship with Visual Studio 2005.

Microsoft Partner Companies only though. Sucks to be me. ;)

New Compuware Tools

eWeek has an article on two new tools being developed by Compuware for use with Visual Studio.Net:

In that light, Compuware will be announcing two new products down the road. The first will ensure that the applications developers create are secure, Straight said. The new product, as yet not formally named, will perform security vulnerability analyses for applications being created in the ASP.Net environment.

The second product, also unnamed, will be a new technology that "makes it very easy to simulate all the errors that could happen at runtime, but in an emulation mode," Straight said. This product is part of Compuware's focus on "extending the concept of creating reliable applications," he said. "It's hard to simulate errors that might occur at runtime."

They make the comment that they are both competing and complementing Team System. I guess time will tell. I have evaluated the Devpartner Studio tools, but I believe I will get similiar functionality with Team System, so I cannot justify the extra cost.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

VS.NET tops Websphere as development tool

Eweek has a story on a study done on how VS.NET allows developers to be more productive than Websphere.

Microsoft Corp. has commissioned a study showing that its .Net development environment is more productive than comparable Java environments, a top company executive said at the VSLive! Orlando conference here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Installing VSTS

Paul Andrew is installing the latest VS2005 Refresh with Team System. He is also doing the 3 Virtual PC image system, similiar to what some other people have done:

I'm building a 3 Virtual PC image system similar to Michael Lehman. The whole domain controller thing had me asking questions around the office. I thought I could just run dcpromo and accept all the defaults.

I tried to do this with my laptop, but 1GB of memory is definently not enough, in my opinion. Everything slowed to a crawl when I started up more than one session. Of course, it could be because I was lazy and didn't shut down any extra apps that were running.

More on my installation of VSTS coming soon!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Installing the Refreshed VS2005 Beta 1

Darren Jefford: Installing Visual Studio Team System

Darren gives a great overview of the different components involved, and a couple of shortcuts you can take if you don't have three different machines to test on.

Static Analysis

Jason Anderson: Static Analysis with VSTS

Adding Static Analysis to the development process is very simple: Once you compile your code, you use Static Analysis technology to do a more extensive set of checks than what the normal compiler can do

This is an excellent blog about static analysis and VSTS. Jason provides screenshots, walkthroughs, and detailed explanations. A must-read for anyone investigating this portion of VSTS.