Monday, September 27, 2004

New Compuware Tools

eWeek has an article on two new tools being developed by Compuware for use with Visual Studio.Net:

In that light, Compuware will be announcing two new products down the road. The first will ensure that the applications developers create are secure, Straight said. The new product, as yet not formally named, will perform security vulnerability analyses for applications being created in the ASP.Net environment.

The second product, also unnamed, will be a new technology that "makes it very easy to simulate all the errors that could happen at runtime, but in an emulation mode," Straight said. This product is part of Compuware's focus on "extending the concept of creating reliable applications," he said. "It's hard to simulate errors that might occur at runtime."

They make the comment that they are both competing and complementing Team System. I guess time will tell. I have evaluated the Devpartner Studio tools, but I believe I will get similiar functionality with Team System, so I cannot justify the extra cost.


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