Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In Search Of The Perfect Install, Part 4

OK, so I have the database server up and running, and the VS2005 client machine up and running. So, time to tackle the Team Foundation Server.

Install Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. No Problem.

I enlist the help of one of the network guys to turn this machine into a domain controller. No Problem.

I create the TFSIdentity user. No Problem.

Install/Configure IIS. No Problem.

Install Sharepoint Services 2.0. No Problem.

Install ADAM. No Problem.

Install 2.0 Beta Framework. No Problem.

I add my database server to the new VSTS domain. No Problem.

I check to make sure my database server and application server are logged in as the same person, with admin rights. They are.

I kick off the TF install. Everything is looking good. Until:

Unexpected Error installing this package. Error code is 26204

What? Or as Charlie Brown would say: "AAARRRGGGHH!!!!"

Stay tuned for what happens next.


Blogger Aim2Please said...

I think I have the solution for you.. I was running into the same problem.

The issue is caused because you're logged in the App Server using the Identity Account and when the installation package tries to execute the grant login satement agains SQL server, SQL refuses it as it's like you're trying to give rights to your own account... Just paste the SQL code in the event log to a SQL client and try to execute...

Solution: Log to the server with a different account (Part of the admin group) and run the setup... this should work.

Now... if this works, could I have my GMail invitation?? :-)

Please send it to celiocasadei@hotmail.com

10:30 AM  
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