Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In Search Of The Perfect Install, Part 5

I hit the AskBurton faq, and submitted this error code as a question. I recieved an immediate response(Thanks Rob!), pointing me to the correct spot in the FAQ. It made mention that this was a SQL related error, and gave some suggestions to try.

I did them all and tried again. Same error message.

I cleaned everything up, added the domain IP address to the HOSTS file on the TF server, and tried again. Same error message.

I finaly got smart and decided to look at the install log files (c:\Dpcuments and Settings\administrator\localsettings\temp) that I had seen others mention. In that file, the install errored out when trying to call the following stored procedure:

exec sp_grantlogin @loginame='VSTS\TFSIdentity'

I tried to run this statement directly against SQL Server in a query window, and it failed with a message saying it could not find the user in the domain. I added the domain to the HOSTS file on the database server and tried to run the statement. I recieved the same error message as before:

Windows NT User or Group 'VSTS\TFSIdentity' not found. Check the name again.

Added TFSIdentity to the admin group on the database server, recieved the same message.

Then I had a thought. I installed SQL Server before joining this computer to the domain. Hmmmm, I wonder if that could be the problem, and that I needed to be a member of the domain before installing SQL Server, to make sure all the plumbing works right? Can't hurt to try it.

So I uninstalled/reinstalled SQL Server. Ran the install. Same error.

Just wait till you see what the REAL problem was....


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i have the same error PLEASE post the answer

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