Tuesday, October 19, 2004

More On User Interfaces

First off, I think it is so cool that I was mentioned in three different blogs, and quoted in two of them, especially when I read all three of those blogs. Very cool.

I agree completely with the statement John made:

If software looks bad, then it send a message about the quality of the product underneath

This statement speaks volumes of truth, and I have actually printed it out and posted it in my cube. (mmmmmm, cubes...)

Most of the development I do is ASP.NET. I usually sketch out a rough first draft of the interface while I am gathering the requirements and figuring out exactly what I will be doing. But I usually don't put a lot of time into making it look incredibly nice in the beginning, especially while we are proto-typing, because I feel the web interface can be easily modified, so it can wait until later in the process.

The problem I have found, which everybody knows about, is that, similiar to testing, by the time you get to later in the process, you no longer have any time, so the interface is slapped together, and it looks like it. (Wow, could I have put more commas into that sentence?) So I am taking something Steven just said to heart, before I start on my next project, which is:

don't forget the UI at EVERY stage of development

I think I might print this out too.

I have finally come to understand, as I mentioned in my previous post, that, to many end users, appearance means a heck of a lot, and the appropriate amount of time should be spent to make the UI of the application just as important as the actual meat of the app.

Ok, enough babbling, back to trying to install Team Foundation Server.


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