Sunday, November 21, 2004

Non VSTS Interesting Bits

The Uncertainty Principle
Good Intro To The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Ads in RSS Feeds
I subscribe to several Infoworld RSS feeds. looks like starting this week the have begun including ads at the end of their feeds. Interesting....

Overture tests RSS Ads
More on ads and RSS. Very Interesting...

Microsoft Previews Avalon for Developers
eWeek Coverage
CNet Converage
If you have MSDN access, you can download the CTP for evaluation on XP and Server 2003.

MSN Launches Web Messenger
Now we can message again at work. Woo Hoo! ;)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Scott Guthrie on Tracking Bugs

Scott Guthrie has a post on how his team goes about tracking bugs, and mentions that VSTS will basically be the same thing as what they are using. The screenshots are cool as well.

And Scott, I like the comment idea about adding RSS feeds to VSTS. Please pass that along!


John Lawrence also provides a link to Scott's post, and makes some comments about taking an internal testing tool and making it shippable code. Keep up the good work John, cause I love Team System!