Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Software Factories, I Think I Get It!

I just finished watching Keith Short and Jack Greenfield on MSDN TV, talking about Software Factories, and I think I finally get it. Jack made the following statement:

A software factory is a collection of domain specific tools, processes (methodologies), and content (including templates, project structures, frameworks, and patterns).

This just suddenly clicked with me. Its an overall development process used to develop a specific application, where that application is a subset of a general application for which the above information has been defined. Does this sound about right, or am I completely off base? I am going to follow up with some of the other material located on the Software Factories website, as my interest is now piqued (gosh I hope that is a word!).

I am definetely interested in reading their Software Factories book now. Too bad Amazon is blocked from work during the X-mas season. Hey Santa, I want a copy!


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