Friday, January 28, 2005

Rob will be so proud!

I finally have VSTS up and running! Rob Caron will be so proud! ;)

I am running everything using Virtual PC (VPC) on my laptop. My laptop is a 2.6Ghz machine with 1GB of RAM.

I have created three virtual PC sessions, one for each tier. My Database Tier (DT) is also my domain controller. I have the network settings on each VPC session to be set to "local" only, so that they can only communicate with each other. I currently have each tier set to use 200MB of memory. I also set each session hard drive to be 10GB, and to grow as needed.

Installation on each tier went off without a hitch.

Before I start up all three sessions, I shut down everything on my laptop, including virus scanners. I also go into Services and stop as many services as I feel I safely can, without hosing the computer, just to free up as much memory as possible.

So far I have not encountered too many problems with this configuration (though it is early). I have done a couple of things with VSTS (more on that in an upcoming post), and, while a little slow, everything has worked. So I feel comfortable with my configuration. I wish I had more memory, but I'll make do for right now. I don't see the Laptop Fairy visiting me anytime soon.


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