Thursday, March 17, 2005

IE 7.0

eweek - "CSS Support Could BE IE's Weakest Link"

Some of the rumors about IE 7.0 include tabbed browsing, and a built-in news aggregator. I have to admit that I love using Firefox, because I love the tabbed browsing aspect. I have found myself using Firefox more than IE now, because of that fact. Having a built-in news aggregator is not that much of a plus for me, because I am a happy .NET Bandit user, and don't see that changing anytime soon. However, I do see having that built in as drawing more people into using RSS feeds and understanding their power and simplicity.

And while I don't really use CSS too much at work, I do think it would be a shame if Microsoft does not include full support for it in IE 7.0, because it is an accepted standard. To quote the eWeek article:

One partner said that Microsoft considers CSS2 to be a "flawed" standard and that the company is waiting for a later point release, such as CSS2.1 or CSS3, before throwing its complete support behind it.

If this is a true statement, I would be interested to hear why Microsoft believes CSS2 to be a flawed standard. Who knows, they may have a good point, but until some people start talking about it, we'll never know.

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