Friday, April 08, 2005

Misc VSTS Stuff for 04/08/2005

Sean McBreen - VS2005 Product Line-up

This is a good post that sums up the new pricing in general (no actual money numbers were mentioned), in case you haven't had enough of those yet. He does have some nice graphics, some of which you have probably seen in some of the Team System Webcasts. Specifically, I like this one and this one.

Dave McKinstry
- First Thoughts On Customizing Process In VSTS

Dave provides a brief summary of how to get started customizing your own process. I for one did not realize that the Extensibility Kit provided extra information that helps with this. I was just going to try and plug away at the exported XML files until something worked. I'll have to go download it and check that out. Good Post, check it out.

Tom Krueger - ASP.NET 2.0 Beta Quickstart Tutorials

Tom provides a brief overview of the new ASP.NET 2.0 Quickstart Tutorials. I took a quick spin through the site, and I really liked it. Make sure to select what language you want your sample code to be in (VB or C#), by selecting from the DDLB in the upper right-hand corner. I was initially frustrated when it appeared everything was in VB, until I found that DDLB. I'm going to check this site out later. If nothing else, it will help me in getting some sample code to use with my VSTS testing.

Grayson Myers - Editing Type Members Using the Class Details Window

This was posted to the Class Designer Blog. It a very good post, especially if you don't know too much about Class Designer, and how you can actually build and modify your classes without having to go to the source code. One thing I did not know, which I thought was cool, was the fact that the Class Details Window has Intellisense! Very Cool!

Chris Rathjen - FAQ: Is shelving just a fancy word for branching?

I think this post does a good job of explaining shelving. I'll be the first to admit that I have not had that much experience with source control, and am looking forward to diving into it more with VSTS. These quotes helped shelving kinda make sense:

So, while version information is stored in the shelveset, the usage of shelvesets doesn’t really turn shelving into a poor-man's shared file system (if that was the goal, we've done a lousy job in designing to the requirement). It's a way to move specific *work in progress* out of the way, or to another user (and maybe back), and so on

You use shelvesets for sharing to facilitate an action (a checkin) that needs multiple actors (a code reviewer, a buddy builder, a QA signatory, or the other half of a client/server feature change or bugfix, to name some common REAL examples). I've seen, or been a party to, each of these usage scenarios in our dogfooding deployment.

Chris said he would post some real-world examples if we wanted him to, so hit the comments section of his post and ask for it.

Part 3 of John Stallo Class Designer Interview

(Thanks to R.Ramesh for the link!)
A great video to wrap up their series on Class Designer. John comes across very personable and keeps you interested in what he is talking about. He makes mention that extensibility of the Class Designer is not available in this first version, but they are looking into it for the future. I also like the idea of Filtering that he mentions, as well as Pattern Support. These are things that have been recommended for possible future versions. I think its cool that the Class Designer team make a concerted effort to add a new blog article every week to their blog.


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