Friday, May 20, 2005

Attended Memphis .NET User Group Meeting…

I attended the Memphis .NET User Group Meeting this past Tuesday night. Memphis is about an hour away from where I am in Tupelo, but it is 4-laned all the way, so the drive is not that bad. Jon Box was presenting an overview of Team System. Jerry Dixon was also there helping to run the meeting.

This is the first time I have attended a user group meeting, and I enjoyed myself. There were about 20 people there. Light snacks and drinks were provided. Jon gave a great overview talk on Team System, and some very interesting questions were asked on things I had not thought of. Jon did a good job of covering, at a high level, pretty much everything covered by Team System. It was really kind of eye-opening, when you see it like that, to realize exactly HOW MUCH STUFF is in this product.

I'm looking forward to attending more meetings, and trying to get more involved with the user group as time goes on. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. My thanks goes out to Jon for a great presentation, and to Jerry and Quilogy for hosting the meeting for us.


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