Monday, June 13, 2005

Well, I've Done It...

I'm moving my blog. Go check out The direct link to my new blog is You need to keep the default.aspx appended to the end of the link for the time being, as I don't have everything configured quite right yet.

My blog, and the site, are currently a work in progress. For example, currently comments are not working on my blog. I hope to fix that soon. Give me a week or so to finish configuring the site, and establish the look and feel I want. You won't be disappointed.

Anyway, myself and few other people have a plan to turn into "THE" community site for Team System. And that starts with you, the community, letting me know what you want from the site. So don't be shy about giving me some feedback, positive or negative.

I hope to see you all at the new Team System Rocks! site!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday At Tech Ed: Here I Go

I'm excited. Today starts the first real day of Tech Ed, with Steve Ballmer's keynote address. Then I'm going to hit the Cabanas for a couple of hours, to see how I can help. Look for me: I'll be one of the only guys (other than Dave)not wearing an event staff shirt, but trying to act like you should come talk to me.

I think they may even be giving out books or something, and everyone needs more technical books!

My week will be made if someone comes up to me and mentions they read my blog. Please do!

Sunday At Tech Ed

Wow, people do read my blog! Shortly after I posted my previous post, I recieved an email from Ajay Sudan, letting me know about a meeting at 7 pm on Sunday for staff (basically orientation). Thanks, Rob Caron, for looking out for us!

I checked out the Book Signing. It was interesting, and I met a couple of authors, and bought a couple of books, of course.

Went to the orientation meeting, where I met up with Dave Bost, another guy like me who was invited to help out with VSTS. Orientation was your classic "don't be stupid", and they did have a good motivational speaker, who handed out a couple of tips on how to handle customers.

Afterwards, Dave and I went up to the gentlemen, whose name escapes me, but who basically planned the whole Tech Ed event, to ask about getting Event Staff shirts, since we would be working the cabanas. He was a very nice guy, and answered all my questions for me. He said that they only had enough of thoughs for the registered event staff, and unfortunately we were registered as Attendees. Kind of a bummer (you know how us tech guys like our shirts), but no big deal though. They are going to have buttons and such for volunteers like us to wear, so people will know they can come up and talk to us.

After orientation, I went to dinner with Dave and Marc (who, forgive me, I don't have his last name), and the Universal Studio's Walk. The place was packed. We ended up eating at Margaritaville. We had some great conversation and some good food too! My thanks goes to Dave Bost for taking the initiative and setting that up.

Just remember to watch out for the muscle shirts, especially the red ones! (Come ask me if you want to know more! ;) )

Monday starts the first real day of Tech Ed. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

TechEd - Check In and Ready To Go

Check in was a breeze! Mostly because I was a geek, and got there 2 hours early, so I was one of the first people in line. By the time they opened the doors, there were probably 600+ people in line. Basically, they scan in the card they send you in the mail, and that's all there is to it.

For people who are TechEd Alumni, you got a special credentials holder and a baseball cap, both of which say Tech Ed Alumni. Nifty little extra for the repeat customers.

They gave out a briefcase kind of bag this year as opposed to a backpack, which I definitly like more. Its a very nice bag, and they loaded it down with some cool stuff, including the latest Beta2 of VSTS.

I'm going to hit the Cabana tomorrow when it first starts, to see when they want me to help out. I figure I'm going to need one of these Event Staff shirts that I see people who are working the conference wearing, so hopefully someone at the cabana can hook me up. I never did recieved any specific materials to look at, so keep your fingers crossed that I don't say anything too stupid. Look for me. I'll be the guy with the Attendee badge, trying to act like he knows what he is doing!

All Dressed Up And No Where To Go

Well, its 6:30 am, I'm dressed and ready, but I have no where to be until 10. Yikes!

I'm wondering if there is supposed to be a certain dress code or anything for the people (like me) who will be working the Cabanas part time. I never recieved any kind of "You need to go to this training meeting" or anything, so I guess I'll just show up Monday and see what they need me to do. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I'm looking forward to getting to help out at the Cabanas, and getting to meet some of the people I have been talking to via email, as well as helping to spread the vision of VSTS to the masses!

I'm going to be blogging about Tech Ed this week, so forgive me if some of the posts are un-VSTS related. I'll get back to that full-time next week.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Party With Palermo A Success...

I just got back from the Party With Palermo 2005, and I would have to say it was a huge success. We had about 15 people meet up to talk in the Lobby, and about 30-35 ending up eating at the diner. I met some really cool people, who I hope to catch up with again later this week. (I'd like to give a shout out to both Laura Hunter and Jean-Luc David.)

Thanks to Jeffrey Palermo for organizing the whole event. He should have pictures up on his blog soon. I say we set a goal for doubling the attendance next year!

I'm settled into my room at the Best Western, and its nice. Plus it has Wi-Fi access, which is a plus. Tomorrow brings Tech Ed Registration, some pre-conference stuff in the afternoon, and a Meet The Authors that evening. I'll probably use some time tomorrow to get my bearings at the convention center as well.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tech Ed Bound...

Well, I am headed off for Tech Ed. I'll see what I can do about sending some updates, to let ya'll know what's happening out that way.

One cool thing I'll be doing is helping out at the VSTS Cabana. I'm not sure what times yet I'll be there, but feel free to stop by and say hi. We'll be doing demos, and talking about VSTS until you just can't stand it any more.

I'd love for someone to come up and tell me that they read my blog from time to time. That would make my week!

Hope to see you there!